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Goi Cuon  95

Summer rolls with rice noodles, salad, fresh herbs, chicken and shrimps.

(2 pcs)



Goi Cuon Chay   95

Vegan summer rolls with tofu, mango, pickles, fresh herbs and rice noodles.

(2 pcs)


Banh Mi (*)   120

Baguette with pork belly, coriander, paté and pickles.

Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam  100

Deep-fried fish sauce chicken wings.

(4 pcs)

Goi Du Du (*)  100

Green papaya salad with shrimps, apple, fresh herbs and peanuts.



Banh Bao (*)  80

Steamed bun with duck, hoisin, pickles and coriander.



Banh Khoai Lang Chien   120

Sweet potato fritters , salad and herbs.  



* Tofu (vegan)




Main Courses



Com Suon  200

Fried marinated pork with a fried egg, salad and Vietnamese sauce.
Served with rice.

Banh Xeo (*)  240

Crêpe filled with chicken, shrimps, bean sprouts,

salad and fresh herbs.

Pho Bo (*)   190

Noodle soup with sliced beef tenderloin and fresh herbs.



Bun Thit Ram   195

Fried marinated chicken, salad, peanuts and Vietnamese sauce.

Served with rice noodles.


Bun Thit Bo Xao Xa (*)   195

Sautéed beef with lemongrass, salad, peanuts and Vietnamese sauce. 

Served with rice noodles.

Ca Ri Ga  200

Curry with chicken, fresh herbs, root vegetables and coconut milk.

Served with rice noodles.

Tom Xien Cuon Thit Ba Roi Nuong  240

Grilled bacon wrapped shrimp skewers, salad and Vietnamese sauce.

Served with rice.

Bun Rieu (only on Friday and Saturday)  240

Crab and pork noodle soup with fresh herbs and raw vegetables.

Served with rice noodles.


* Tofu (vegan)






Chuoi Hap   100

Sticky rice with banana, coconut milk and ice cream


Deep-fried banana with ice cream   100


Ice cream in a cone   80


Coffee / Jasmine Tea   40


Health Brew   65

Lemongrass, rosemary, lemon balm, mint and ginger


Vietnamese  drip coffee   55


Vietnamese  iced coffee with condensed milk   65


Vietnamese  coffee with

condensed milk and aged rum    110

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